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Best Fishing Trips in New Jersey

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Fishing Trips Ocean City and Atlantic City NJ
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Back Bay Private Fishing Trips

Summer: 3 and 4 hour day trips are available. Back bay private fishing charters are perfect for younger children. We will Fish for Flounder, Sea Bass, Stripe Bass, Blue Fish, Sea Robin, Sand Sharks, and other fish... or just take a boat ride and sight see.

3 hour day back bay fishing charters available from: 8:00AM – 11:00PM, 12:00PM – 3:00PM, 5:30-8:30PM*

  • 1 – 3 people $325
  • 4 people $375
  • 5 people $425
  • 6 people $475

4 hour day back bay fishing charters available from: 7:00AM – 11:00PM, 12:00PM – 4:00PM

  • 1 – 3 people $350
  • 4 people $400
  • 5 people $450
  • 6 people $500
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Experience the Best Fishing Trips in Ocean City and Atlantic City NJ

The boat is conveniently docked at Seaview Harbor Marina     199 Hospitality Dr, Longport, NJ Dock C-1, just over the bridge from Ocean City, NJ and a few miles south of Atlantic City, NJ. Fishing trips can be booked for shark, flounder, sea bass, totaug, blue fish, striped bass (striper), tuna, dolphin fish and so much more.

Below you will find the fishing trip packages that we have available.

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Fall/Winter Fishing Trips

Fall / Winter Striped Bass,Tog, Sea bass, Charters Fall & Winter 2018 Up to 6 people.
  • Striped Bass Trip: the whole Boat Up to 6 people, 6hrs $700, 7hrs $775, 8 hours: $825 Very popular November & December.
  • Up to 6 people, 6 hour Tog/Sea Bass trip starts at: $650, add 1 or 2 hrs for $50 per hr. 
  • Shark Trip:October & early November $1,250
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Offshore Fishing Trips

All day 11-13 hour private fishing trip. We will fish within 50 Miles of the shoreline. Fishing wrecks and reefs for mahi(dolphin), flounder, blue fish, sea bass, trigger, cod, much more. We also offer trips for: Shark, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo and Tuna

Offshore day trips departure time between 2-5am, back to dock around 5-6P.

Sharks- $1,450;   Tuna, Mahi, Wahoo (up to 40 miles) $1450;  Tuna, Mahi, Wahoo (up to 50+ miles) $1,850 Price Does NOT Include 15-20% Tip to mate. Call For More Details. “Very Popular Charters”

30 – 40 hour Tuna, Shark, Mahi, & Sword Fish Trip. $3,300.00 for up to 6 passengers June through September. Fish within 90 miles of Great Egg Inlet targeting Tuna, Mahi, Shark, White Marlin and Sword Fish.

Gratuity: Mate works for tips -Not Included in price.  

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Inshore Ocean Private Charters (within 15 Miles of G.E. Inlet)

5 and 7 hr + ocean trips are available. We will fish reefs and wrecks along the NJ shoreline. We will fish for Flounder, Bluefish, Sea Bass, Striped Bass, Trigger Fish, Shark (when is season) and many other species within 15 miles of Great Egg Inlet.

5 hour ocean/ inshore fishing charters are available from: 7:00AM – 12:00PM, 1:00PM – 6:00PM

7 hour ocean/ inshore fishing charters depart at 7:00 AM – 2:00 pm available.

HALF DAY   (5 Hours)                                                    

  • 1 – 3 people: $450                         
  • 4 people:      $500                            
  • 5 people:      $550                           
  • 6 people:      $600

 Offshore Day Trips (May-October) Up to 6 People:

  • Shark trips $1450   Mako, Thresher, Blue, Hammer Heads, SHARKS …. seasonal on the month
  • Tuna, Mahi, and Wahoo trips (June-September) $1550
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